Celebrating Enterprise is an annual event run by the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI) and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) to recognise the very best in enterprise learning and skills in the UK and beyond.

Research demonstrates how investing in enterprise learning and skills makes a positive contribution to the success of small businesses. This event celebrates those that are excelling in this area and brings together key players in the enterprise skills sector in the UK.

The awards recognise enterprising excellence in a range of settings, from new start businesses, to innovative learning centres, enterprising employees to international business success, we show how enterprising excellence can be found at all levels and in doing so show how investing in skills can achieve outstanding results.

SFEDI and the IOEE work to support all small and micro businesses, from grass roots start-ups to family businesses, social enterprises to budding exporters, we want to ensure these businesses have the skills and support to survive, and, where they want it, the confidence, knowledge and expertise to grow.

The celebratory event provides an annual focus for SFEDI and IOEE’s key partners to champion small and micro business skills and influence policy makers on issues and opportunities important to the UK’s small business sector and those that support and train them.

The Celebrating Enterprise event is an opportunity to build collaborative relationships with both ourselves and key partners on this event and activities going forward.

To discuss sponsorship and collaboration activities with the IOEE, please contact us.

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