Celebrating Enterprise 2016 was held at the House of Lords on Thursday 10 November, bringing together educators, entrepreneurs and other key figures from the UK’s small business, enterprise and skills sector.

The Awards event celebrated and recognised the very best in enterprise learning and skills, with eight award categories. We are proud to announce that the Celebrating Enterprise 2016 award winners are:

Lifetime Achievement Award
Kanya King MBE

Kanya King MBE is living proof of the old adage that a genuine leader moulds, rather than seeks consensus. She is also an internationally renowned entrepreneur through her role as CEO and founder of MOBO.

Kanya founded the MOBO Awards in 1996, when a broadcast slot with Carlton Television arose. Many thought there was no audience that would be interested in a celebration of diverse genres ranging from Reggae and RnB to Hip Hop and Gospel, but 18 years later the awards show holds the distinction of being one of the most televised urban music awards shows in the world today, reaching in excess of 400 million viewers across over 200 countries. The MOBO platform has helped launch and propel many of today’s biggest musical talents such as Emeli Sandé, Tinie Tempah, Rihanna and the late, great Amy Winehouse.

Kanya has always been an innovator and has had a lot of practice at persuading people to come round to her way of thinking. When she could not find a financial backer or many supporters in the wider music industry who agreed with her at a time when Britpop was at its peak and British urban music was practically invisible to the mainstream, she ‘put her money where her mouth is’, and remortgaged her property (which she acquired at a very young age) to fund the TV production herself. All this stands testament to the dynamism and determination of a woman who has become a watchword for great British entrepreneurship, business acumen and a trailblazing pioneer.

Kanya was presented with an MBE in 1999 by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. She was invited back to the Palace in 2004 for an historic lunch with the Queen to celebrate exceptional achievements by British women with the likes of J.K. Rowling and Cherie Blair. Kanya has also been acclaimed as one of London’s ‘Most Influential People’ by the Evening Standard newspaper, and also as one of Britain’s ‘Most Entrepreneurial Women’ by Real Business. MOBO has become much more than just an awards ceremony, offering training and guidance to generations of aspiring singers, MCs, DJs and producers.

Kanya’s journey has been full of personal achievements, but she has endeavored at every step to create incredible opportunities for budding female entrepreneurs and music lovers worldwide. Persuasive, insightful, energetic and innovative, Kanya King is a real shining star both of the UK’s music industry and of its enterprise community.

International Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Ernesto Sirolli

Dr. Ernesto Sirolli is a world leader in the field of local economic development.
Since beginning his career in International Aid in Africa in the early 1970s, he has worked across the globe to promote and facilitate local entrepreneurship and self-determination. During the 1980s, Dr. Sirolli worked in Esperance, a small rural community in Western Australia, pioneering a unique approach to economic development, which is based on harnessing the determination and resourcefulness of local people. His work in Esperance inspired more than 350 communities around the world to adopt responsive, person-centred approaches to local economic. The Esperance community project is still active and created over 800 new businesses during its first 20 years.

In 1995, Dr. Sirolli founded the Sirolli Institute in America, a social enterprise dedicated to teaching civic leaders how to capture the passion, energy and imagination of their own people. Over the past three decades, the work of the Sirolli Institute has demonstrated that the provision of caring, competent, dedicated advice and support to entrepreneurs is as important as the introduction of physical infrastructures to the development of a stable and prosperous economy.

Dr. Sirolli received a Laurea di Dottore in Political Sciences from Rome University in 1976 and a PhD in Local Enterprise Facilitation from Murdoch University, Australia in 2004. He is an Industry Fellow at CSRM University of Queensland, and an Adjunct Professor at Curtin University, as well the author of two books and a TED Talk that has been translated into 31 languages and downloaded over 2.5 million times.

Innovative Partner of the Year

The Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) is the UK’s leading professional organisation within supply chain management. Their aim is to help both businesses and individuals to advance their skills, knowledge and experience in supply chain management and related areas. Founded in 2008, it has gone from strength to strength due to the passion and dedication of their board, management team, expert staff and network of delivery partners.

Offering a range of qualifications with a 99% pass rate, their industry expert tutors, flexible online study methods and qualifications are offered to students in the UK and globally through their state of the art online Learning Hub.

Founded and led by Kevin Rumfitt CEO, himself a supply chain management expert with over 30 years in the industry, the IoSCM has worked with SFEDI to create a new suite of professional qualifications perfectly tuned to the needs of both small and large businesses operating the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia. This approach to qualification development is ground breaking in the way qualifications will be delivered in supply chain management for the future. They will give individuals an opportunity to not only broaden their career pathways but to also make a major contribution to the economic growth of UKPLC. Kevin continues to grow the presence of IoSCM with his straightforward no nonsense approach to education, challenging the way in which supply chain related qualifications have been offered in the past and creating a blueprint for the whole future of supply chain management training and accreditation.

Enterprising Learner of the Year
Roxanne Kelly

Roxanne Kelly has overcome real adversity, including debilitating PTSD and anxiety. Youth homelessness charity Centrepoint referred her to Bradford Floating Support in October 2014. Roxanne had achieved excellent GCSE grades and her keyworker invited her to contribute to the development of a new course – the Certificate in Personal Development Through Self Employment Qualification. Roxanne completed the qualification and went on to enrol onto the Self Marketing and Personal Enterprise qualification. Roxanne’s enthusiasm for learning has added significant value to both programmes, as she has been able to provide peer mentoring when friends have found the qualification challenging. The learner’s confidence grows daily and she has developed her own fledgling enterprise. Initially, this involved trading Pokémon cards online and the concept has now expanded to encompass other products – Roxanne is enjoying making a profit.

Enterprise Educator of the Year
Christine Atkinson

Christine Atkinson is Co-Director of the Centre for Enterprise and heads up the Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub at the University of South Wales. Since joining the university in 1999, Christine has worked tirelessly to promote enterprise and career progression for women. In 2008, she was instrumental in the creation of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub, which has been at the forefront of many innovative enterprise education projects across Wales, the UK and Europe. Between 2012 and 2015 Christine was Co-Director, then Director of the £5 million Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) Convergence ESF project. She currently runs the Developing Entrepreneurial Women: Changing Horizons (DEWCH) Erasmus+ Project, shaping a joint Masters in Gender and Entrepreneurship, and promoting entrepreneurship as a relevant career choice for women.

Enterprising Learning Provider of the Year
Ignition Auto Training

Ignition Auto Training is a social enterprise that supports disabled, ex-offenders and people with addiction issues back into employment via motor mechanic training. It is the brainchild of David Brazer and was established in 2014. Setting out with a starting grant of just £30,000, the enterprise is estimated to have already saved local services over £224,000 and has moved 22 ex-offenders into employment from the initial pilot. They have recently expanded into their third Centre and won Lottery recognition and have ambitious plans for the future. The work Ignition Auto Training does gives people the confidence, skills, qualifications, work experience and references they need to move ahead with their lives. They found that learning in a real work setting is much more engaging and comfortable for some learners than classrooms. An inspirational, optimistic and determined individual, David and his team have chosen to dedicate their talents to supporting some of society’s most marginalised learners.

Small Business Apprenticemaker of the Year
Anthony Impey

Anthony Impey is Founder and CEO of Optimity, a fast-growth business that supplies broadband using a pioneering wireless technology. He attributes the success of the business to making apprenticeships a core component of Optimity’s talent strategy. The entrepreneur is also passionate about developing talent for the tech sector more widely and started Tech City Stars and Tech Up Nation to help local young people ignite careers in East London’s tech sector. The gap between the tech sector and youth unemployment across his local community became the focal point for Anthony, whose ambition was to start building bridges between the two, offering jobs to local young people whose innate talent and skills were being lost. Anthony spends a great deal of time talking with small businesses and major enterprises alike about how apprenticeships can drive real business value and how they simply make excellent business sense.

Enterprise Support Champion
Samuel Kasumu

In 2012, Lord Young launched the £160 million Start-Up Loans Company to award low interest loans to 60,000 early stage businesses. However, young entrepreneur Samuel Kasumu was quick to recognise that those from Black and Minority Ethnic Backgrounds (BAME) were not benefiting from the initiative. He campaigned to bring the opportunity to the BAME community and, thanks to his efforts, some 6000 people received support to develop business plans and access funds. Samuel has more recently expanded his own remit to support people on benefits to make the move into self-employment via the New Enterprise allowance. Throughout, Samuel has remained committed to his own entrepreneurial development, establishing and running a number of successful businesses and outstanding social enterprises.